How we work

At Calm Financial Care we know that making good financial decisions is a vital life skill. We recognise that in today’s world there is an abundance of information and data but a deficit of understanding, insight and truth. We acknowledge the difficulties an individual investor experiences when financial choices are complex.
We believe that it is our responsibility to increase our clients’ financial capabilities. We achieve this through clear, direct communication, as well as the use of visual educational tools and digital media.

Clear, direct, effective communication allows us to share ideas, build increased understanding of issues and concepts, and leads to lasting relationships of trust.


How we understand what you want


We believe that good conversations lead to quality decisions. We start by listening to you and getting to know your particular financial needs and goals.

Our conversations cover your family circumstances, your current financial position and your existing arrangements. People’s reasons for investing vary which is why it’s necessary to handle your money in a way that fits your unique investment goals and your personal circumstances.

Our conversations will enable us to assess properly and fully your tolerance of risk. Risk can mean different things, from market volatility to permanent loss of money. There are also risks associated with investor behaviour, ranging from lack of understanding to chasing yesterday’s winners and to paying excessive fees that can wipe out investment returns.

When it comes to investing money, we emphasise that the only goal that matters is yours.

Through ongoing meaningful conversations, we can present options designed to respond to your unique needs.

Our standards of care

Calm Financial Care operates under the highest fiduciary standard of care.

We do not sell financial products. We do not get paid commissions by any product producer. We act only for you and we’re paid only by you.

There are two standards that financial professionals operate to: fiduciary and suitability. Under a fiduciary standard the finance professional must always act in your best interest. Under a suitability standard the finance professional only has to sell products that are suitable. They don’t necessarily have to be in your best interest.

There is no reason why you should settle for anything less than the highest fiduciary standard. And there is no reason you should ever work with an advisor not prepared to meet this standard. The bottom line is this: you must be convinced that the adviser’s guiding principle is that the advice offered is solely in your best interest.