Our Vision

We provide quality financial advice at a fair and affordable price.

Our vision is:

  • To make financial advice an engaging and educational experience for our clients.
  • To end financial ‘discrimination’ where lack of knowledge, understanding or confidence prevents investors from asking the right questions about how their money is invested.
  • To offer informed dialogue about economics and financial markets.

We are a fee-only investment advisory firm. We use our extensive investment experience together with innovations in the marketplace to service the needs of clients.

LPI Best New Broker 2017


Our People

Ronan O’Houlihan

Ronan has a wealth of experience gained over 35 years of managing institutional and private client funds in fixed income and equities, spanning developed and emerging markets.

Over the course of his career, Ronan managed money during periods of high inflation and high bond yields. He has experienced the effects of deflation on equity prices following the Japanese equity market bust of the early 1990s. He has learned the dangers of fixed exchange rates when underlying economic fundamentals do not justify them, as was the case during the Asian financial crisis of 1997. He cautioned clients of the dangers of excessive debt that led to the recent global financial crisis. Based on his knowledge and experience of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s successful intervention in the stock market in 1998, he correctly identified the initial positive consequences on asset prices of Quantitative Easing in 2009.

Gemma O’Houlihan

Gemma has previously worked in Financial Services in the areas of systems administration and equity fund management in the UK and US equity markets. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Studies from University College Dublin. She has completed her A.C.C.A. examinations and is currently working towards her Q.F.A. qualification.

Eddie Shaw

Eddie has more than thirty years’ business experience at a senior level gained primarily in the Financial Services sector where he held a number of Senior Executive positions. Working in general insurance, life insurance, re-insurance and capital markets – fund management, he was Director of Hibernian Group, Managing Director of Hibernian Insurance, Hibernian Re-insurance and Hibernian Investment Managers. As Head of Public Relations with Carr Communications he has extensive expertise and wide-ranging experience in the area of communications in Ireland and the EU.

Our Services

Calm Financial Care operates advisory, advisory only and execution-only mandates. Our services are:

Advisory Portfolio Service
This service offers investment advice and execution.

Advisory Only Service
This service is designed for those who wish to manage and monitor their own investments, but who want to retain the option to discuss markets with an Investment Adviser.

Execution Only
If you are looking for a swift and efficient telephone-based dealing service, we provide a complete facility enabling you to trade in most of the world’s capital markets.

The service is comprehensive, including independent dealing and custody, consolidated tax reporting and portfolio valuation.


Investment Advisory Board


An investment concept is only as successful as the minds behind it. As an independent investment advisory firm Calm Financial Care does not rely solely on our own expertise. We have established an Investment Advisory Board consisting of highly skilled senior investment specialists with expertise across all the major asset classes as well as an in-depth understanding of macroeconomic and monetary policy. The Board meets quarterly and its function is to augment our knowledge and understanding and to advise on general investment strategy, including strategic and tactical asset allocation. Thus it backs up the final selection of interesting investment ideas and works in close, critical cooperation to the benefit of our clients. The Investment Advisory Board are:

Dan McLaughlin has had a long award winning career as an economist, holding a variety of research roles in stockbroking and banking. (http://www.danmclaughlin.ie)

Bernard McAlinden is a distinguished investment manager and strategist and is currently strategy coordinator for European Securities Network.

Helen Thomas is a political and economic expert with extensive experience in financial markets. She is the author of the influential blog BlondeMoney. (http://blondemoney.co.uk)